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Crystal Natural Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is sincerely recruiting sales agents to distribute its main product---OsteoKing. OsteoKing is a Traditional Chinese Medicine which possesses unique and remarkable therapeutic effects in treating necrosis of femoral head, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and all kinds of fractures.

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The 21st Century's important breakthrough for bone disease
Surgery is the traditional treatment; non-operation treatment is the more advanced technique!

OsteoKing is based on an old prescription in Yunnan Province in China, which has 100 years’ history. After 10 years research and development, OsteoKing came into being. OsteoKing has remarkable effectiveness and very safe in treating bone diseases, especially for femoral head necrosis, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, osteoarthritis, fractures and osteoporosis. It is a nationally approved (GUO YAO ZHUN ZI) medicine which has obtained national patent and currently produces a large-scale supply to meet market demand.

Currently OsteoKing is being sold in the key hospitals all over the country, bringing benefits to the people. When it entered the domestic and international markets, OsteoKing has gained great reputation for its exact therapeutic effects. It is called:“a powerful product with scientific data”in the US, and in UK, it is called “a magic bullet” for bone disease. OsteoKing is a rare medicine that combines with many kinds of rare medicinal herbs. It has made thousands of patient’s recovery and freshening with unprecedented vitality. OsteoKing gains its good reputation through long-term application among people. The innovative and high-level researches for OsteoKing were listed as important national task, and gained satisfactory conclusion, the summary showed: OsteoKing solved the core problem of bone disease and it is an excellent product.
So, the domestic and foreign media reported the remarkable curative effects of OsteoKing one after another. Such as《The Science and Technology Daily》,《The People’s Daily》,《The Liberation Daily》,Shanghai《Wen Hui Bao》,《Reference News》,《Beijing Daily》,《Chang Jiang River Daily》,《Yunnan Daily》,《The New York Times》,American《World Daily》,《American Wen Hui Bao》,American《HSI》,American《Acupuncture Today》,American《Forum》,American《Oriental Medicine》,and CCTV etc.

Formally recommended to the World Health Organization as an orthopedic medicine by the Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Centre of Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine as the representative of foremost Chinese traditional medicine with new innovation research results.


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